Since the very beginning of his professional career, Michael William-Paul believed in the importance of charitable and humanitarian organizations.   Through his extensive experience working with International Government bodies, NGO’s, and the United Nations he has been able to provide impactful philanthropic contributions.  This extensive and tangible influence led  in 2010 to the foundation of Universal Models for Peace.  UMP aspires to provide an insightful platform that combines influential members of popular culture incorporating; top fashion models, celebrated actors, award winning musicians, and competitive athletes; their efforts help create successful projects relating to peace and security and the advancement of the United Nations MDGs (Millennium Development Goals).   Headed in Manhattan NYC, UMP provides a direct link into UN related partnership programs and affiliate organizations, focusing on capacity building projects that help to raise continued support and awareness for the ongoing threat and acts of violence against women and children.  In 2013, UMP Partnered in conjunction with the Peace Boat to provide further educational programs while, advancing and promoting the message of Peace around the world.   Michael’s resilient active and instrumental showing of support to UMP is shown with his strong role and leadership as a field Director, Executive Project Producer,  and his position on the Board of Directors.  visit




maplogo1Understanding the need for sustained education and learning options for young women, the Model Ambassador Program was created by Michael William-Paul to provide the tools necessary for young people to understand how to get active in philanthropic service, creating generations of cooperation building opportunities, in a world where giving back becomes an endless trend.  Inspired from the fashion industry and the enthusiastic interest Michael saw with his clients, models, and audience to take part in a larger picture, the MAP was prestigiously launched at the United Nations during the inauguration of the World Fashion Forum in celebration of International Women’s Day in March 2013.
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